Critical Mass Video is please to offer the following resources for the serious hentai viewer. 

Fetish Glossary
Find out the meaning behind many of the fetishes features in popular hentai by browing our hentai database. See something you like? Click the search icon to see a list of all Critical Mass titles that feature that particular fetish. Enjoy. Explore.

Hentai on Demand
Watch your favorite Critical Mass Video titles anytime via Adult Entertainment Broadcast network. You will also find links to Watch Now On Demand located on the title's item page, when available.

Download Right Stuf's Adult Catalog
Get the adult catalog to not only find your favorite Critical Mass titles, but hentai from other publishers too - plus manga and games.

Right Stuf's Adult Category offers a great selection of adult anime, manga and hentai titles. Visit this special section of their store to find the products you are looking for.

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